4 on 2 Down Low

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This drill simultates the situation created in the Overload Option #5 power play.  F1 represents the best playmaker and the goal is to feed players F2, F3 & D1.  X1 & X2 have to try to cover the three players in fron as best as they can.  X1 and X2 have almost an impossible job, but that is OK because the goal of the drill is for the offensive players to become familiar with the situation that is created in the overload option #5 power play.  

F1 has the option to pass from either side of the net.


TizCup94 on 9/6/2019

Please review this drill with both man-up and man-down responsibilities.  Plesae watch it 5 times and know what to do when we practice tonight.

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