3 V 3 Keep Away With Team Bumpers

3 V 3 Keep Away With Team Bumpers diagram

3 V 3 Keep Away With Team Bumpers is a fun activity that can engage a whole team. This game can be modified to handle more players (4 v 4) or less (2 v 2), and be set up inside a zone as well. For this example we will explain a 3 V 3 setup in center ice.


  • Divide your team up into 2 teams of 6.
  • Each team will have 3 players inside the playing area, and 3 players outside on the blue line.
  • On the whistle, play 3 v 3 inside the center area. 
  • Players on the blue line can move side to side on the blueline to give their teammates better passing options. 
  • Keep score, each pass is a point!
  • After 20-30 seconds, blow the whistle, the players on the blue line rotate in to play keep away, and the players inside the zone, rotate out to the blue lines. Encourage quick transitions!

Coaching Points

  • Players on the blue line need to be alert and be passing options for their teammates
  • Communicate with your teammates

Concepts for team with the puck:

  • Puck protection
  • Give & go’s
  • Scan the ice / awareness
  • Deception
  • Get open and be a passing option if you do not have the puck

Concepts for team without the puck:

  • Scanning the ice / awareness
  • Angling
  • Stick on the ice
  • Communicate with your partners as to who goes after the puck carrier
  • If your team gets the puck, transition quickly to be an outlet for the puck carrier

In Zone Example of 3 V 3 With Team Bumpers

In Zone Example

Here is an example of 3 V 3 Keep Away With Team Bumpers inside a zone. The playing area is larger so there is more space for players to skate and pass. Coaches can use this setup for a 4 V 4 as well. 


1/4 Station Example of 2 V 2

Here is an example of 2 V 2 Keep Away with Bumpers inside a 1/4 ice station.

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