3 on 2 Corner Passer Cross Ice Game

3 on 2 Corner Passer Cross Ice Game
3 on 2 Corner Passer Cross Ice Game

3 on 2 Corner Passer is a great variation of 3 on 3 cross ice. The set up is exactly like normal cross-ice 3 on 3. Place a net at each side, the coach in the middle on the blue line with pucks, and each team lined up along the blue line on each side of the coach.

The coach will dump a puck into the zone and three players from each team will compete for the loose puck. One player from each team must go to the corner below the goal line on their team's offensive side of the ice so the game turns into a 2 on 2. Teams must use their corner passer when they gain possession of the puck and get it back before they can score. The players can use their corner passer at any time.

Coaching Points

  • Stay on defensive side of puck when on defense.
  • Look to transition quickly off a turnover.
  • Move quickly without the puck.
  • Encourage corner passers to move the puck quickly and think about where they can pass the puck before they get it.

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