1 vs 1 Bump and Drive to net

1 vs 1 Bump and Drive to net

This 1 on 1 drill is a good drill for offensive players to work on puck protection while driving hard to the net. For defenders this drills offers an opportunity to work on angling and to try and keep the offensive player from getting in good scoring position.

Set Up

Form a line at the bottom of the center circle as shown in the diagram and place one defender inside the zone just slightly above the hash marks. The drills starts with the offensive player skating forward for a few strides, transitioning backwards, and receiving a pass from the second player in line. They will pass the puck right back to the second player and transition forwards to skate outside the zone. Then they receive a second pass and they will make another pass right back to the second player. When they are outside the zone they will transition backwards so they can face the puck and call for one more pass. At this time the defender is activated and will skate forward to take a good angle and try to force the offensive player to the outside. When the offensive player received the pass they try to drive hard to the net. After the make a play at the net then the offensive player becomes the defender. Repetitions should alternate to each side of the ice.

Coaching Points

  • forwards should keep their feet moving.
  • use your body to protect the puck by keeping your body between the defender and the puck.
  • once you gain the outside shoulder of the defender try to cut inside to remove their ability to beat you to the net.
  • defenders need to take a good angle and use your stick to steer the forward to the outside.

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