Accountability is one of the most important things you can have on a hockey team. It is pretty simple but at the same time very difficult to achieve on a consistent basis. What is accountability?

"To me, accountability is consistently holding people to really high standards that you have set and doing it in a way that is authentic to you." - Topher Scott

1. Consistency

You have to hold people accountable on a daily basis if you want it to actually work. Important notes:

  • Hold EVERYONE accountable: You can't let it slide on certain players, especially star players. If you let certain players slide on, accountability standards will go out the window because not everyone will buy into them, or they will feel they are unfair. 

2. Set High Standards

  • Involve Everyone When Setting High Standards: Involve everybody in setting the high standards and how you are going to hold people accountable to those standards. If you have buy-in from everybody and you involve them in the process it is much more powerful when you are trying to hold people accountable.

3. Be Authentic

  • Be Authentic to Who You Are: Certain people hold people accountable in certain ways, certain people hold people accountable in other ways. Some people are much better about being right on top of you and being very disciplined when holding people accountable. Other people are better at putting an arm around you or building a relationship and holding people accountable that way. Find a way to be yourself as a coach so it comes across as genuine

4. Self- Accountability

  • Accountability Has to Come From You First: Self-accountability, putting yourself out there, and holding yourself to those high standards are key. If you want to hold other people accountable, you MUST hold yourself accountable to those high standards.

Accountability at the end of the day is being consistent, holding people to high standards, and doing it in a way that is authentic to you. But it all starts with you first, you must hold yourself accountable for people to want to follow your lead.