"When you involve the players in the preparation of the season or their own careers, it creates big time buy in." - Topher Scott

Encourage players and your team to take ownership of their own success with the following steps:

1. Involve Players

  • Include Players in Process of Season: If you are always just telling players what to do, they will not always fully listen. If you include players in practice planning or allow them to have ideas about their team and individual journey, they will buy into the process more. 

2. Explain Why Ownership is Important

  • Explain Why Ownership is Important: let players know that if they take ownership and responsibility of their own development, they can chart the course of their life. This is true on and off of the ice. The more they realize that they can own their own life course, the less they will be blaming others and pointing fingers if things go wrong.

3. Take a Step Back As a Coach

  • Educate Players: let players know why you are taking a step back as a coach. Do not feel the need to hold hands and resolve every single conflict on and off the ice. Empower players to work together to create their own solutions and resolutions. This will help them come together as a team and allow individuals to grow.