"One of the greatest things about building a culture and one of the greatest things about teams that have had success is that there is not one way to do it." - Topher Scott

Every team is unique. What is your team's identity? Create your team's identity with the following steps:

1. Who Are We?

  • Bring Everyone Together: as a team, identify who you are and who you will strive to become.

2. Clarify Roles

  • Every Team Is Different: you need all different types of players to have success. Teams need different roles on and off the ice to have success. Explaining how different roles and players contribute to your identity is so important for success. 

3. Over communicate Your Identity

  • Clarify Who You Are: Over communicate your identity and who you are.  Speak about it before practice and games so it is consistent and in the forefront of players minds. When you know who you are playing for and who you are as a group it is easy to cultivate buy-in from the team.