Puck Pull Shooting Challenge

This is a fun drill that players can use to help them practice quickly changing their shot angle. Changing your shot angle is helpful because it confuses goalies and allows the player to shoot around targets.

This particular drill setup helps players quickly dig out a puck, change the shot angle and fire the puck quickly on net.

Drill Details:

  • Set the puck up so a player needs to skate up to the puck, pull the puck and fire a shot on net. You can place the puck further away for an added challenge. Or you can set up the angle of the stick on the ground in a particular way to make it easier or more challenging to pull the puck.
  • For variations to this setup you can have the player shoot around a net (instead of the stick on the ice), or skate up to the obstacle with the puck.

Drill Progression:

  • After players get comfortable with picking the puck off and changing their shot angle, you can have them practice faking their shot, then pushing the puck (seen below):

Watch Auston Matthews perform this skill in 4 separate video clips below:

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