Figure 8 Edge Series

The Figure 8 Edge Series is a simple but highly effective exercise to practice your edgework. Improving your edges is a great way to improve your skating and overall game since you can be more dynamic as a skater and stronger on the puck. Coach Eaves walks us through 3 movements that will help players to practice their strength and balance on their inside & outside edges.

Figure 8 Edge Series Movements:

Each skating exercise you will come back through the middle, performing a "figure 8." Make sure to do each exercise on your left leg and right leg.

  • Part 1: Inside edge (both right leg & left leg).
  • Part 2: Right leg only (inside edge to outside edge), which is shown in the video above. Then perform this exercise with the left leg only (not shown in video).
  • Part 3: Transition from inside edge to outside edge on right leg (shown in the video above). Then perform this exercise with the left leg (not shown in video).

Coaching Points: 

  • Keep body mass low and centered (knee bend and head looking up will help with this).
  • Eyes and head should be looking up and forward as you transition from one edge to the next.
  • Start slow as you learn the technique. Increase speed as you are comfortable.