Professional Hockey Skills Coach Dwayne Blais dives deep into explaining how to improve your wrist-shot. In the video above, Dwayne gives tips on how to make your shot more accurate and powerful.

Tips to Improve Your Wrist Shot

  1. Good Hand Position: Make sure that your hands are not too tight together and not too far apart. Keeping your hands hip-width apart is a good distance. 
  2. Top Hand (Control Hand): Your top hand controls your blade and stick and will pull back when you shoot. Keep your top hand up.
  3. Bottom Hand (Power Hand): Your bottom hand pushes down into the ice to generate force.
  4. Keep Hands Away From Body: Keeping your hands away from body will allow you to take a shot with greater force. If your hands are close to your body it is hard to push and pull with your top and bottom hands.
  5. Shooting Box: The optimal position for the puck when you shoot is to be about a blade length away from your skates. This will allow you to generate force with your stick. 
  6. Puck Position On Blade: Go heel to toe. Back of shooting box to front of shooting box. 
  7. Power Comes From Legs: Most power is generated from legs. Get a good knee bend and push towards the net. 
  8. Aim With Bottom Hand: Use your bottom hand to follow through and aim where you want the puck to go.

Tips For Shooting At Home:

  • It is better to shoot 1,000 pucks the right way than 10,000 pucks the wrong way. When shooting at home, bring your pucks in tight and follow the tips from Dwayne above.