Squirt / U10 Station Practice #1

Practice Date: 
Tuesday, December 25, 2018
Practice Length: 
60 Minutes

This practice is great for the stations or ADM based practice sessions at the U10 age level. There are 4 stations that should be between 10 - 15 minutes each depending on the amount of ice time. If you have a more than an hour then you may want to consider some fun warm up activities. For this practice the ice should be split into four equal sections. The four stations are:

  • Offense to Defense 2 on 2 (12 minutes)
  • Circle Stickhandling Series (12 minutes)
  • Continuous Pass and Shoot (12 minutes)
  • Three Sided Box Retrieval (12 minutes)
Circle Stickhandling Series
Offense to Defense 2 on 2
Continuous Pass & Shoot Station
Three Sided Box Retrieval Station

This stickhandling progression has three variations and can be set up in stations depending on the amount of players you have. In this demonstration there are four players at each circle. Each repetition should be about 20 seconds. So on the whistle the active players need to go outside the circle and the in-active players can come into the circle to do the drill.

Progression #1

The first drill is simple. Each player carries a puck and they need to be creative as they can as they move through the objects. While we want them to be creative we want them to be in complete control and have awareness of the other player/players in the circle.

Progression #2

The second drill has the first player leading the first player without a puck. This forces the second player to do several things. First they have to keep their head up in order to follow their partner. Second, they have to maintain control of the puck while trying to keep up with the player, and third it forces them to react to the changing of directions.

Progression #3

The third drill starts the same way as the first drill but now the players need to make passes to the in-active players. They have to maintain awareness by keeping their head up and knowing which player on the outside is open and ready for a pass.

This 2 on 2 drill us typically used for station or ADM based practices and played in a smaller area. The animation and diagram show this being run using a quarter if the ice. It can also be run using half ice and is more suited for older players when you can use half ice.

Start the drill with two players on defense facing the two opposing offensive players. The coach starts the drill by giving a pass to one of the offensive players. The two offensive players will attack the defenders and play 2 on 2 below the blue line. If the offensive players score then the coach plays a new puck into the zone and the play continues. The defenders must get possession of the puck and make a tape to tape pass to one of the next offensive players in line. Once they do that they go to the back of the line. The players that were on offense now become the defenders and they play 2 on 2 against the two new offensive players until they can make a tape to tape pass to the next two players. If the defenders do not make a good tape to tape pass to the next players in line then the coach plays a new puck into the zone and they must keep playing. This prevents them from just throwing the puck out of the zone.

Coaching Points

  • Fowards try to isolate one defender and create a 2 on 1 instead of attacking the 2 on 2.
  • Defenders should also be aware of player without the puck and communicate to which player they have.
  • Defenders need to control puck even if they have to pass to each other before making pass to next set of forwards.

This is a good station for kids to work on passing and shooting. It is continuous so it requires kids to maintain focus and introduces them to passing and receiving on the move. To start the drill Player #1 will carry the puck down to the opposite net and shoot. The player should work on stopping at the net and then a quick first three strides to get a loose puck. Once they get a loose puck the next player from the other line (Player #2) skates up ice, receives a pass from Player #1 and shoots on net. Player #2 will then stop at the net, get a loose puck, and make a pass to Player #3. The drill continues back and forth.

This is a good skill station that works on forwards to backwards transitions, backwards to forwards transitions, puck retrieval, and shooting. To set up this station you need three barriers, a tire or cone, and one net. Players will line up along the wall and the coach will have the pucks at the neutral zone dot (refer to the diagram). To start the drill:

  • the coach throws a puck into the box.
  • first player will retrieve it and transition backwards.
  • once outside the box the player transitions forwards and takes a shot on net.
  • after the shot transition backwards around the tire / cone.
  • the coach will throw a second puck back into the box.
  • the player will retrieve the puck again.
  • transition backwards with the puck.
  • transition to forwards on the other side of the box.
  • take a second shot on net.