Practice Notes

This is a half-ice practice plan geared towards the U14 age level. The practice starts with a progression of overspeed skating drills and progresses into fast paced shooting and cycling drills. Towards the end of practice it includes a tough 1 on 1 drill that is great work for your defensive players to work on playing 1 on 1's in the defensive zone.  The outline for the practice is as follows:

Practice Outline

  • Peanut Overspeed Skating Drill (5 minutes)
  • Peanut Overspeed Skating with Pivots (5 minutes)
  • Continuous One-Touch Shooting Drill (10 minutes)
  • COW's Continuous Cycle Drill (10 minutes)
  • Four Zone 1 vs 1 (15 minutes)
  • Greatest Drill in the World (15 minutes)

Practice Diagram

Half Ice



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