Pee Wee / U12 Full Ice Practice #2

The body of this practice has a series of simple breakout drills that turn into a 1 on 1 situation. The outline is as follows:

  1. Continuous Wam Up Series #1 (5 minutes)
  2. Continuous Warm Up Series #3 (5 minutes)
  3. Tigers Half Ice Shooting Drill (15 minutes)
  4. Simple Breakout 1 on 1 (7 minutes)
  5. Simple Breakout Counter 1 on 1 (7 minutes)
  6. Simple Breakout D to D 1on 1 (7 minutes)
  7. Bourque 3 on 3 (15 minutes)
Continuous Warm Up Skills Series #1

Start with two equal lines in the middle of the ice, each line just outside the hash marks as shown in the diagram.  In this variation the coach starts each group with a pass to one of the first players in each line.  The first two players go down the ice passing and receiving the puck IN STRIDE.  When the players receive the puck they stick handle one time then make a good sweep pass.  The player from Line #1 makes sure they have the puck at the far blue line and they turn to the outside and come back down the ice in the outside lane.  The player in line #2 makes sure that the other player has the puck at the far blue line and they turn towards the outside while picking up a puck from the the pile of pucks at the top of the circle as shown.  This player also comes back down the ice in the outside lane.  Both players work on their hands back down the length of the ice.  You can set up specific skills such as around the world or "quick hands" depending on what you want them to work on.

When the players come back to the lines then they go to the opposite line.  The coach dictates how often players go by starting each group with a pass. The goal is to get have the players almost going on a coninuous basis with very little waiting in line.

At the other end another coach can warm up the goalies.

Continuous Warm Up Skills Series #3

In this variation the players will make one-time passes down the ice. They should receive and pass the puck quietly without slapping the puck. When they turn to the outside they will make three cross-overs right and three cross-overs left while carrying the puck. Coaches should make sure players have their heads up while carrying the puck.

Tigers Half Ice Hockey Shooting Drill

This is a great shooting half ice drill with a lot of good skill elements for defense, forwards, and goalies.  It is also a useful drill for half ice situations / pratices. To set up place a line of defense in the middle of the ice at the blue line and a line of forwards at  each face off dot as shown in the diagram.

The drill starts with D1 taking a shot from the point and following it to the net for a rebound.  After they stop at the net they continue to the corner to get a puck and carry the puck back around the net.  While they are picking up the puck F1 curls towards the boards and gets in position to receive a breakout pass from D1.  Once they receive the pass they curl into the slot behind the line of fowards and take a shot on net.  F1 follows their shot for a rebound and then returns to the end of the line.  D1 continues the drill by picking up another puck from the other corner and carrying it around the net to make another outlet pass to F2.  F2 does the same thing as F1 on the other side.  After D1 makes the second pass they continue to the corner one more time to retrieve a third puck.  This time they make a pass out to the blue line to the next defense who starts the drill over again.

Simple Breakout 1 on 1

Here is the first drill in a series of breakout drills that lead to either 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 drills. This drill starts with a simple breakout. The forward will dump the puck below the goal line and then skate to the boards and open up for a breakout pass. The defense will start on the dot, skate up a couple of strides, then transition back to retrieve the puck dumped in by the forward. The defense will "wheel" around the net and make a breakout pass to the forward. The forward will retrieve the pass and then skate towards the other end and take on the other defense in a 1 on 1. The defense on each side will make the breakout pass (with the emphasis on a good first pass) and then skate around the cone, close the gap, and take on the forward from the other end on a 1 on 1 situation.

Simple Breakout - Counter - 1 on 1
This is the next progression in this simple breakout series. This time the defense will retrieve the puck off the dump and wheel the puck around to the far post, stop, and come out the other way (typically called a "counter"). The forward will skate down to the half wall and transition up the ice so they are available for a breakout pass. The forward will then attack the defense from the other end. After the defender makes the pass then they need to re-take as much ice as possible and make sure they skate out around the tire to take the oncoming forward in a 1 on 1 situation.
Simple Breakout - D to D to 1 on 1

This progression requires two defense at each end.  They will do a simple "D to D" breakout and then pass to the center who will take on the defender from the other end in a 1 on 1 situation.

Keys for defenders:

  • re-take as much ice as possible to close the gap
  • work in tandem so that when the D to D pass is made the defender is facing up ice

Keys for forwards

  • Make sure to time the swing through the slot so they are receiving a horizontal pass and not a vertical pass coming through the slot.
  • Read the defender on zone entry and if the dender has a poor gap then use space after entering the zone and look to shoot through defender
  • If defender has good gap control then move feet and drive hard to the net protecting the puck.
Bourque 3 on 3

This 3 on 3 cross ice game is similar to the Gretzky 3 on 3 but now the designated passers are referred to as "Bourque". The "Bourque" is now behind their own goal line and must initiate breakout passes. The nets should be placed a bit closer to the boards to allow more room for executing breakouts.

  • Players must use their "Bourque" on a change of possession before making an attempt to score.
  • Players may attack the other team's "Bourque" but they may not shadow them.
  • There is no limit to how often a team uses their "Bourque".
  • Shifts should be 30 - 40 seconds to keep a good pace and high intensity.

Key points of emphasis:

  • Have the "Bourque" work on a good first pass.
  • Use "false Information" (looking off the pass) to get their players open.
  • Players need to skate back to support their "Bourque".
  • Fill three lanes and skate to open ice.