Mite / U8 Station Practice Plan #2

This practice includes 4 stations.  One station is from the blue line in, one station in the neutral zone from blue line to blue line, and then split the other zone in half to make up the other two stations.

Mirror Hockey Shootout

This type of shootout maintains some sort of urgency in a breakaway situation.  It is also a great hockey drill for agility and quickness.  The drill can be set up in a half ice situation as shown above or in a full ice situation.  One offensive player and one defensive player start the drill facing each other about 2 stick lengths apart.  The offensive player is facing the coach and the defensive player has their back to the coach.  Two cones can be placed about 15 feet apart as a guide to how far the offensive player is allowed to shift back and forth.  On the whistle the offensive player shifts back and forth.  The defensive player tries to mirror their movement and stay in a good defensive position (relative to the coach).  The offensive player will call for the puck when they want the coach to pass the puck.  If a player scores they are allowed to return to the offensive line.  If they do not score they have to play defense on their next turn.

Tire Moves - Ice Hockey Drill

Here is a hockey drill that can be used for the younger players in a practice that set up for station drills.  This drill can be used in the neutral zone using four tires (or cones) and two of the small nets.  Arrange the tires as shown in the diagram with two lines, each off to the side of the net.  Player 1 in each line will skate with the puck up to the first tire and make a single shift move to the outside.  On the second tire they should make a single shift move to the inside and take a shot on the net.  Therefore each player is making a move to their forehand and backhand sides.  As players become more skilled you can use this same set up to work on other moves as well.

This a hockey drill for mites or teams that are using a lot of shared ice practices.  The drill allows players a chance to use their inside edges while handling the puck, shooting, and receiving a pass.  Place a net along the goal line in line with the dots as shown, a coach with pucks in the corner, and a line of players on the opposite side of the net.  Three or four cones can be place in front of the players and one cone on the opposite side at about the hash marks.  The players carry the puck through the cones so that they are protecting the puck from the cone.  As they come around the last cone they turn back towards the net and take a shot as quickly as possible.  After the shot the player turns to the boards, circles the around the cone and receives a pass from the coach for another shot on net.

Figure Eight Tire Shots - Ice Hockey Drill

This is station hockey drill to use in shared ice situations.  The set up requires two tires (or cones) and 1 net.  Place the net along the goal line and the tires just inside the hash marks (as shown).  The first player starts the drill by skating towards the net and then around one of the tires where they pick up a puck.  The player controls the puck around the tire back in front of the net for a shot.  After the shot the player continues around the tire, picks up another puck, maintains control, then fires another shot on net.  The players should work on gaining control of the puck getting it to their forehand as soon as possible and shooting with their head up.