Mite / U8 Station Practice Plan #1

There are 5 stations which all focus on either skating or stickhandling.

  • Be Creative! Puck Skills Station
  • Basic Cross Over Station
  • Backwards Give & Go Station
  • Four Cone Control Station
  • Control Obstacle Course Station
Be Creative! Puck Skills Station

This station drill actually works great for a wide range of age levels. Players can make it as tough and fun as their own imagination allows. To set up the station place a variety of cones, tires, sticks, and other props that may help promote fun and creativity. Divide the players into two groups so that the players are engaged for 30 seconds and have a 30 second rest. This will help them stay engaged and energized when they are doing the drill. If the intervals are too long they will slow down and become un-engaged in the drill. Encourage the players to get creative as possible with the puck including but not limited to... Single shift moves, double shift moves, control turns around objects, transitioning forward to backward, transitioning backward to forward, using skates to control the puck, flip puck over objects, etc...

One variation can include one whistle within their 30 second interval. On the whistle each player must make eye contact with another player and exchange pucks, then go back to being creative with the puck.

Basic Cross Over Skating Station

This is a basic skating drill that works on cross-overs around one of the circles.  Players can go two at a time twice around the circle and then stop back at the blue line.  The key to this is that you spend time teaching the proper fundamentals of the cross-over.  A good demonstration will help the players as well.  Be sure to alternate directions on each repetition.  To add one level of complexity have the players carry pucks, however, the focus really needs to be on the fundamentals of the cross-overs.

Backwards Give and Go Station #1

This is the first of the backwards give and go station drills.  This is a good series for the younger ages because it can be set up in a small area of ice, in this case it only uses half of the offensive zone.  Set up the drill as shown using two cones and the players lined up along the blue line with pucks.

The first player starts backwards while handling a puck.  At the cone they transition forwards while controlling the puck and make a pass to the next player in line.  The next player in line give them a pass right back.  The first player retrieves the puck and skates around the second cone before they take a shot on net.  The second player starts the drill after they make the pass to the player in front of them.

Control Obstacle Course Station

This station drill incorporates puck control, passing, receiving, control turns, and shooting.  The first obstacles are a series of cones.  The players should work on protecting the puck from the cone by using their body on both forehand and backhand sides.  After the cones they give the coach a pass and get it right back.  When they get to the tire they do a complete circle around the tire while controlling the puck and using their body to stay between the tire and puck.  Then they skate to the next tire and do the same thing in the opposite direction.  After the second tire they skate towards the net.  At the two tires they do a single shift move around both tires and then take the shot.  Players should alternate which direction they do the shift on each repetition.  So first, fake to the forehand and go to the backhand.  On the second repetition they should fake to the backhand and go the forehand.

Four Cone Control Turn Station

This skating drill focuses on control turns.  Set up the drill by placing four cones as shown in the diagram.  Players start by doing control turns to their left around each cone.  Once the first player is finished going around the first cone the second player can go.  There can be up to four players going at the same time.  After a couple repetitions working their way one direction, have the players go the other way doing control turns to their right.  Again the focus is on teaching skaters how to do a proper control turn.  A good demonstration will help them quite a bit.