U8 - 4 Station Practice Plan #5

Warm Up Activity - 10 Minutes

Free time with all kinds of toys on the ice

Line Skating - 10 Minutes

Knee bend - Full lemons - Half lemons - Push and Pull 

Station #1 - 10 Minutes

Tire turn relays - forwards to backwards transition

Station #2 - 10 Minutes


Station #3 - 10 Minutes

Freeze tag

Station #4 - 10 Minutes

Turns & Stops with Shots

This relay race has players working on foward stride, forwards to backwards transition, and backwards skating. The players should be shown a good demonstration first and then give them several repetitions before having them race. The players will go forwards to the tire, transition to backwards as they go around the tire, then backwards all the way to the goal line.

Coaching Points

  • flip the hips as you get even with the tire so your butt is facing the direction you are transitioning.
  • use the outside edge of the inside skate to push off of and start your momentum backwards.
  • try to limit the transition to one cross over before starting backwards C-cuts.
Length of Time: 
10 minutes
Station Number: 

Soccer can be a fun way break away from traditional small area games and drills.

Set Up

The version shown in this diagram is on 1/4 ice station. Instead of using hockey nets try using cones and widening out the goals a little bit. The kids seem to have more fun when more goals are scored. Depending on the number of players in your station you can play 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4, or 5 vs 5. Don't worry about shift changes just split up the players in your station as equal as possible and let them all play.

Why this game is good

Not only will the players have a blast, but they will be forced to use their edges, balance, and agility in ways they dont always get to.

Length of Time: 
10 minutes
Station Number: 

One of the greatest traditions in all of youth sports could be the traditional game of Freeze Tag. The reason this game is great for the Mite / Novice age level is because is requires players to use awareness, edges, stop & starts, and agility. Designate new players for each round or have the coaches be all time "IT".

This game can be played on quarter ice stations, third ice stations, and sixth ice stations. It depends on the number of players. For 10 - 15 players the quarter ice and third ice station sizes work well. Less thean that then the sixth ice station size works well.

Length of Time: 
10 minutes
Station Number: 

This station drill for the Mite and Novice age levels is mostly about the fundamentals of stops & starts and control turns. We add in a shot at the end to keep the players engaged and to have something to look forward to at the end of their repetition.

Set Up

Place a net at each end of the station with a goalie (if available). Split up the players into equal lines in opposite corners. Place up to 5 cones slightly staggered down each side of the station (see diagram) and place the pucks at the and of the cones more to the middle of the ice.

On one side the players will do a two foot hockey stop and try to spray as much snow as they can on each cone. On the other side they will work on control turns. After they go through the cones they can pick up a puck and take a shot before going to the end of the other line.

Length of Time: 
10 minutes
Station Number: 
Ability Level: