Practice Notes

This is a practice session that is focused on capitalizing (and defending) transitions from neutral zone turnovers.

The practice starts with a dynamic 15-minute puck handling and passing warm-up After the warm-up the drills focus on quickly getting up ice with 1 on 1, 2 on 1 and 2 on 2 transitions games.

The activities are listed below:

  1. Finnish 5 Puck Warm-Up Progression (15 Minutes)
  2. Quick Turn Up 1 on 1 (10 Minutes)
  3. Quick Turn Up 2 on 1 (10 Minutes)
  4. Quick Turn Up 2 on 2 (10 Minutes)
  5. Optional: Quick Turn Up 3 on 2 (not pictured). Use the same setup as the Quick Turn up 2 on 2 but add an additional forward to make it a 3 on 2. 
  6. Optional: The Greatest Drill in the World Small Area Game (Play this until the end of practice). Encourage players to transition quickly on a turnover and generate offense.

Practice Setup: This can be modified to be a full ice or half-ice practice session. For full-ice, follow the diagrams shown. For half-ice, you can modify the setup of each drill to be each size of a half-ice zone.

Practice Diagram

Full Ice


Length of Time: 
15 Minutes
Length of Time: 
10 Minutes
Length of Time: 
10 Minutes
Length of Time: 
10 Minutes


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