Practice Notes

While this is a half ice practice plan you can easily use this in full ice practices by splitting up your players into each end. This way players get more repetitions.

This practice plan is for working on quick offensive decision making by using a selection of 2 vs 1 drills in small areas. The key to creating good scoring chances is taking advantage when out numbering opponents in small areas. Throughout this practice plan you should emphasize the following:

  • Quick decision making
  • Protect the puck and make plays when they are available
  • Take space when it is given to you, pass when it is taken away from you.

Practice Outline

  • 2 vs 1 rebound battle drill (10 minutes)
  • Quick 2 vs 1 attack situational drill (15 minutes)
  • Corner to half wall 2 on 1 (15 minutes)
  • Swedish 2 vs 1 (cross ice)

Practice Diagram

Half Ice


Length of Time: 
10 Minutes
Length of Time: 
15 Minutes
Length of Time: 
15 Minutes
Length of Time: 
15 Minutes


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