Triple Option Power Play Breakout #1

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This power play breakout offers three very good options. The best option depends on the penalty kill forecheck being used by the opponents.  P1 will have to read the forecheck and set the tone for the breakout.  Each player has a critical role and their positioning and timing is critical in order to give each player with the puck at least one easy option.

Player 1 (P1) has three good options as they start the breakout, hence the name Triple Option.  They have  the responsibility to retrieve the puck and set up behind the net.  They will hold the puck and wait for P2 and P3 to swing into the corners.  The first decision they have to make is whether or not to have P2 take the puck from behind the net.  If they hold on to it they need to come out so that they are just slightly behind P2 and P3.  They will try to suck in the first penalty killer and then make a pass to P2 and isolate the first penalty killer.  At all times P1 has to support the puck carrier and provide an outlet.  The third option is viable if the penalty killers provide a seam in the middle, then the pass should go to P4, who is providing support through the middle.

The second player (P2) will swing behind the net.  If P1 does not protect the puck then P2 can pick it up as they swing to the outside.  If not, they still swing to the outside and expect a pass from P1 as they turn up ice.  Many times the penalty killers will attack the first pass so they have to be ready to make a pass right back to P1.  P2 is responsible for the puck possession in the offensive zone.  They can either carry the puck into the zone, make a soft dump into the opposite corner, or make a soft chip into the zone.

The third player (P3) is will start in front of the net and swing to the opposite side of P2.  They will always swing towards P4's side.  P3 provides support to P1 as they carry the puck out from the behind the net and is always in a good suupport position.

P4 provides support in the middle of the ice around the blue line.  If the penalty killers leave a lane up the middle of the ice then P4 will find the seam and call for the puck. They should always look to move the puck to P2 who is skating up the boards with speed.

P5 will post up at the far blue line to keep the defense from playing too tight in the neutral zone. Once the play is heading up ice into the neutral zone they will skate across the neutral zone and time their break into the offensive zone so they have lots of speed.  This should give them a good chance to get to be the first player on the puck.  

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