Standard D-Zone Coverage

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Overall Rules

  • All five of our players are in the house when the puck is in the house
  • Finish checks and make sure to beat your man back to the net
  • All five sticks on the ice at all times

Strong Side Defense (D1)

  • Take away time and space
  • Angle puck carrier up the wall
  • Always stay square
  • When opponent moves puck stay with your man
  • Stick on puck is key
  • Finish check to eliminate your man
  • NO ONE beat you back to our net

Weak Side Defense (D2)

  • Heels to the net off of strong side post
  • Do not allow anyone to have a stick on the ice around our net
  • When puck carrier goes to their side they become D1 and take away time and space


  • Center takes the second layer, if D1 gets beat by puck carrier they need to support
  • When D1's man move the puck the center has to engage and take away time and space
  • Stick on puck is key
  • Finish check to eliminate mane
  • Contain opponents to outside if necessary
  • NO ONE beas you back to our net

Stong Side Wing

  • Eliminate their strong side defense
  • Heels to the opposite corner
  • Head on a swivle to see puck carrier in corner and your defense
  • Stick position is towards the wall to discourage pass to your D
  • If you D gets puck you pressure inside out with stick in passing lane to discourage D to D pass, Finish all checks on your D

Weak Side Wing

  • Low slot between hash marks
  • Heels to the corner
  • Head on a swivel to see puck and anyone in slot area


Coachclifford19 on 1/3/2019


ddansab on 12/2/2015

Watch the dot at your position(s), and vizualize yourself going through the same motions as the puck moves.  

copper cliff braves on 11/24/2015

C c Braves d zone coverage

Jberney on 10/18/2015
Need to send out to our team

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