One Timer to Winger Overload Face Off

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In this offensive zone face off both wingers will line up in front of the net.  Depending on which side the face off is on, the player that is able to open up for a one time shot should match up with the opponent that they think is going our to cover the defense. In this diagram this player is RW.  LW will drive to the near post at the drop of the puck and try to take away the goalies eyes right away.  The center is trying to win the face off back to the defense along the boards, then drive to the net.  RW will get in the opponents way for just a second and then allow them to go out to the point.  Once they release the opponent, RW opens up into the seam that is created as the opponent rushes out to the point.  The defense then gives RW a pass through this seem for a one time shot.


eatoniahuskies on 2/15/2018
on 10/23/2014

This face-off also works well on a last minute 6v5 situation. Now F4 becomes the weak-side F (RW)receiving the pass for the one-timer and the board-side F (LW) helps win the draw to the D-man.

Fran Mc Garvey on 9/30/2014

IF the face off is won to the point Right wing locks up momentarily and left defenseman hits him with a one timer.

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