Inverse Forecheck

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The goal of this forecheck system is to create turnovers in the high slot. It works great when your team is either very tired, or you are facing a team with superior talent. The system starts when the puck is dumped into the opponents zone. Let the opponents set up behind the net (don't chase the puck). The center forces their defense out from behind the net on their backhand. The two wingers are responsible for any players on their side of the ice from the face off dots to the boards. The defense work their way into the high slot looking for turnovers. The wingers are sometimes the last players back and therefore have to be very defensive minded. Most teams will not expect the defense to create so much traffic in the high slot while breaking out and therefore you will be suprised by the amount of turnovers created. Your defense will love this system because they will get lots of shots.


bwhitford on 6/1/2016
Good to attack a team that loves to use the centre ice option for break-out or to give the opposition a different look than our D always pinching at the Blue Line. I could think of a variation where the centre, strong side winger and strong side D create a wedge to angle the opposition into the boards. The weak side D should shift over to make sure there is backside support for a chip off the wall.
Bolts2006 on 8/3/2015

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