Double Swing Breakout

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The double swing break out has the advantage of giving several options to the player bringing out the puck.  D1 has to read the penalty killers and react to how they are forechecking.  D1 carries the puck up the center of the ice until pressured.  Depending on the pressure, he can pass it to F1, F2, or D2.  Ideally D1 should suck the forechecker in as far as possible so that when they pass the puck the forecheck is as far out of the play as possible.  The timing of F1 and D2 is critical, they need to be available for a flat pass.  The more verticle these passes become, the easier it becomes for the penalty killers.  The timing of F2 is also very important.  F2 has to be available to D1 in the middle of the ice. In this diagram, F2 can one time the pass to F1 going full speed down the right wing.  F1 can either gain the blue line and keep posession of the puck, or dump the puck in hard around the boards.  F3 has to time their entry into the zone so they are at full speed crossing the blue line and able to beat the penalty killers to the dumped in puck.


wildtime on 9/27/2015

Power play beak out #1

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