D to Corner Breakouts

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This breakout starts with one defense retrieving the puck off of a dump, the other defense skates directly to the corner for support.  The center is also required to come low and help support to out number the forecheck 3 on 2.  There are several options available as shown in the diagram.  The key is to give the defense that retrieves the puck easy options.

The wingers need to stay high, if the puck is moved to their side they need to block out the opponents defense out near the blue line.  This will help create more space for the defense and center in the zone.


In this option the defense passes to the defense in the corner.  The defense in the corner need to get up ice as they receive the puck and look to the center in the middle for support.


With this option the defense stops behind the net and the center skates to the other corner for support.


This option requires the center to help the defense as they retrieve the puck if they are under pressure.  The defense can reverse the puck up the strong side.


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Breakout 3 Options

CoachRogo on 9/4/2018

Simple Breakout Options

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Best break out that is easy to explain and execute

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Break Out Options

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Great way to simplify the options on a breakout

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