Center Fly, Weak Side Wing Support Breakout

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This breakout starts with the defense "wheeling" the puck behind the net and passing to the strong side wing.  The center swings towards the strong side wing but ahead of the play.  This should drive the opponent's defense off the blue line and create some space for the weak side wing.  The weak side wing swings into the slot and receives a pass from the strong side wing.  They can then look to pass to the center or carry the puck out of the zone.  The defense that does not make the breakout pass should cover in front of the pass and can be available for a reverse.  They should also stay even or slightly behind the puck. This way they can be another outlet for the winger who receives the pass along the boards.


purdham on 4/6/2019

Remember the strong side of the ice is the side that the puck is on. The weak side is the opposite side. This is a very simple breakout that offers plenty of options but we will be sticking with the basics for the spring team. Players need to become familiar with the responsibilities of the forwards and defensmen. We will practice this on Wednesday.

timmoroney64 on 11/4/2018

Center fly breakout

Coachclifford19 on 5/9/2018


pprynn on 11/16/2015

Breakout option on 10/1/2015

Great dump in break out - D Must go behind net - Winger comes low to recieve pass -


mmuenz9 on 8/16/2015

Emphasize head up and talking to each other so everyone is aware of everything around them or what's about to occur. 

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