5 on 3 Penalty Kill against a Box and One

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This animation displays how to execute a 5 on 3 penalty kill.  In this situation the power play is set up in a box-in-one formation.  The power play will move the puck between the top two players and try to generate a clear shot with their player in front.  The power play's second objective is to move the puck down low and take advantage of the 3 on 2 down low.  The penalty killers need to be aware of these objectives.

In this animation k1 and k3 alternate challenging the two players at the top of the box (P1 & P2) as they move the puck back and forth.  When the puck is passed from P1 to P2, k1 slides down to k2's position, k2 slides over to k3's position and k3 moves out to challenge P2.  It is important for k3 to stay in the P2's shooting lane the entire time and be willing to block the shot as they move out to the top of the box.  Thier stick position should discourage P2 from passing the puck through the middle of the box and encourage a pass to the perimeter of the box.  If P2 passes back to P1 then then k1, k2, and k3 rotate back to their original position.  Again as k1 skates out to the top of the box they have to stay in the shooting lane and discourage any pass through the box with their stick position.

If the puck is passed from P1 to P3 then new responsibilities by the penalty killers are required.  When the puck goes down low the power play is trying to create a 3 on 2 situation down low.  P3 will be looking for P5 or P4 on the back door.  It is important for k2 and k3 to understand this and discourage both of these plays with good stick position.  When the puck is low, the top penatly killer needs to take away P5 if they are not too low.  This penalty killer canot get sucked down too low in case the puck is moved back up to the top of the box.  Again, it is important if this happens for the penalty killer to stay in the shooting lane and be willing to block a shot as they move out to challenge this player.

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