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rob23pasternak on 10/30/2015

Penalty Kill

kdd1648B on 10/14/2015


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 Whe the puck goes to P2, K2 applies pressure and eliminates the pass to P1 by taking an inside to outside path.  When P2 passes puck to P3, K3 anticipates this pass and pressures P3 as fast as possible. If P3 makes the pass to P4, then K4 pressures P4. When K4 pressures P4, K1 fills in the low slot vacated by K4 until K4 returns.

If the puck goes from P4 to P5, then K1 pressures P5.  K4 fills in the weak side down low, K3 takes the strong side down low, and K2 fills in the high slot on the strong side.  The keys to this drill are: stop and starts, anticipating the passes, and giving the power play as little time to operate as possible.