1-3-1 Power Play Option - Slap Pass

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For this option to work you need to have a right handed player in the shooter's position in order to run it on the left side of the ice and a left handed shooter to run it on the right side.  There needs to be some communication between the player on the half wall and the shooter and they need to be on the same page.  The player on the half wall is going to be selling the shot from just outside the dots.  The player in the middle will be going to the net with their stick on the ice.  The slap pass will be hard enough so that the player in the middle just needs to get their stick it and re-direct it towards the net.  In many cases it opens up the goalies legs as they think the shot/pass is going to the far post.


Jnewton94 on 2/5/2019

Watch a few times and watch all positions and how they move. Need to know your options for each position. 

Coachclifford19 on 7/30/2018


Mikemim on 5/28/2017
spickup on 5/1/2017
To whom it may concern, I am unable to print your 1-3-1 options power play drills, is there something wrong at your end, thank you Scott Pickup, E-mail is scott.pickup@ucdsb.on.ca

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