1-3-1 Power Play Option - Low Set

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If you have ever spent time watching the Nashville Predators then you most likely saw them trying to use this option. In the demonstration below we used the right side of the ice which placed a left handed forward on the half wall, a left handed player in front of the net, two right handed players on the point, and a right handed player in the slot.  The puck is worked around the perimeter to keep the penalty killers moving and hopefully create a bit of confusion.  When the puck gets to the half wall on the right side of the ice then the left handed player in front of the net slides out and presents their stick.  The penalty killers stick position is important. If they do not take away the pass then the pass goes down low.  The right handed player then slides down for a one timer.  It needs to be a bang, bang pass and shoot play.  Once the puck goes down to the low forward the right hand defense on the other side of the ice needs to crash the weak side post looking for a rebound.  They have to anticipate that once the puck goes low then the shot will be coming from the player in the slot.


Revelstoke on 8/31/2019
mmatthews on 1/15/2019



amchersey on 11/2/2018

The dde file is incorrect - it is in fact the High Set and not just named incorrectly.  Just syk.

wasnme00 on 2/18/2018

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