Weave Shots

Weave Shots

This a hockey drill for mites or teams that are using a lot of shared ice practices.  The drill allows players a chance to use their inside edges while handling the puck, shooting, and receiving a pass.  Place a net along the goal line in line with the dots as shown, a coach with pucks in the corner, and a line of players on the opposite side of the net.  Three or four cones can be place in front of the players and one cone on the opposite side at about the hash marks.  The players carry the puck through the cones so that they are protecting the puck from the cone.  As they come around the last cone they turn back towards the net and take a shot as quickly as possible.  After the shot the player turns to the boards, circles the around the cone and receives a pass from the coach for another shot on net.

Supporting Fundamentals


Revelstoke on 8/31/2019
PatrickDiVito on 8/26/2019


jbona on 12/26/2018


DaveMac on 10/11/2018

good hi flow drill

Paramedic1 on 9/28/2018
colin.carpenter82@gmail.com on 9/15/2018

Puchandling and Shot

nobody special on 3/28/2018
really? have the player turn their back to the passer after the initial shot and then shoot toward the line of players? no thanks, will pass on this very dated drill
tygretzky on 3/22/2018


tanjavlahovich on 3/6/2018

good small ice shooting/passing drill

Eric Park on 2/21/2018

Off zone 4 station skill

matt.lister@pyramidcorporation.com on 7/30/2015
puck handling, skating and speed

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