Off the Wall 1 on 1

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Great drill for defense in the defensive zone.  The focus for defensive players should be to keep their heels to the net and not let the forwards to beat them off the wall back to the scoring area. Forwards are trying to explode off the wall and get open for a pass and scoring chance.  Goalies are also challenged to cover the post quickly after each play as the coach may try to score from behind the goal line. 

To set up the drill two coaches (or players) have the pucks below the goal line, one on each side of the net.  A defensive player and forward line up on the inside hash marks as shown in the diagram.  On the whistle both players sprint to the boards as though competing for a loose puck.  The forwards have to touch the boards with their hands, the defense has to touch the boards with their stick.  This forces the defense to stay ina good position between the forward and the net. The coach then tries to give the forward a pass as they  skate back to the net.  After the first play the players continue the drill to the other side.  The drill repeats two more times so the players have three repetitions total.  It is a great conditioning drill as well.  View the animiation for complete details. 


bryan.williams29 on 12/9/2018

Good drill

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