Use The Net 2 vs. 1 Drill

Use The Net 2 vs. 1 Drill diagram

The Use The Net 2 vs. 1 Drill is an excellent drill from Topher Scott that allows players to work on puck retrievals, angling, breakouts and 2 on 1 rushes.


  • A coach chips a puck into the offensive zone and a forward and defenceman start to chase after the puck.
  • The defenseman collects the puck and looks over their shoulder to determine where the forechecking pressure is coming from.
  • The defenseman uses the net to take a tight turn and protect the puck around the net, or uses the net to cut back up ice.
  • After the defenseman uses the net, they make a breakout pass to one of the two wingers, who are reading the play. 
  • The wingers curl and begin a 2 vs 1 against the original defenseman, while the forechecker skates off back into the line.
  • This can be half-ice or used on both ends of the ice to be a full ice drill.

Coaching Points:

  • Defenseman:
  • Forwards:
    • Keep your stick on the ice to use your stick to angle and disrupt on the forecheck.


coaches on 11/16/2021

2-1 half ice

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