Umbrella Roll Power Play Drill

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This is a great warm up hockey drill to do on days whn you may be practicing the power play.  It uses elements of an overload and power play umbrella and gives the goalies some good warm up shots.  The forwards should line up in both corners and the defense should line up outside the blue line on both sides.  To start the drill, F1 takes three quick strides up the boards and pivots backwards to receive a pass from the next player in line. At the same time D1 starts moving along the blue line backwards so they are available to receive a pass.  The forward gives a pass to D2 and waits for a return pass from the defense.  Once they receive the return pass they explode into the seam and take a shot on net.  After the shot the forward in the other line starts the hockey drill from the other side.


kjr2006 on 9/10/2018


on 2/7/2014

The umbrella roll power play drill seems like a solid way to improve our ice hockey performance. We stick to what works and what we know. When you are outside, always wear an umbrella for UV protection.

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