The U Transition Drill

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The diagram for this hockey drill only shows the drill working from one side.  When you run this drill you should alternate sides.  It will take the players a few reps to get a handle on it.  The animation shows how this drill works with both sides going at the same time.  Set up four equal lines as shown.  The first player (P1) will pass the puck to the player opposite them (P4). P4 will pass to P2 and then get a return pass from P2.  After P1 makes the first pass they skate up to the red line, across the red line, and then open up to recieve a pass from P4 (in a large U shape).  After they receive the pass they move in for a shot on net. In the diagram P1 and P2 go at the same time and in the next repetition P3 & P4 will go.

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