Two Step Off the Wall 1 on 1

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This is a good in-zone 1 on 1 drill for both forwards and defense.  For forwards it focuses on winning races to loose pucks and beating defense off the  wall back to the net.  For defense it focuses on applying pressure in the d-zone while containing forwards and maintaining good defensive position all the way back to the net.

To start the drill both players start off of the strong side post.  A puck or small cone should be placed a couple of strides off the boards.  On the whistle the forward sprints to the wall and touches the wall with their stick.  The defense skates to the cone and transitions back towards the net. The forward will look for a pass from the coach on their way back to the net.  On the whistle both players stop and do the same thing except this time the coach will set up a puck along the wall.  This is a loose puck that both players will compete to win.  If the foward win the puck they cycle it down to the coach and sprint back to the net looking for a return pass.  The defense will try to eliminate the forward by a good check or simply win the race for the loose puck.  If the forward does move the puck down to the coach then they need to maintain good defensive position and eliminate the forward's chance of receiving the puck back from the coach.  Defense should eliminate the stick and stay on the defensive side of the player.

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