Two Pucks 2 v 2 Circle Battle

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The 2 Pucks 2 v 2 Circle Game from Kendall Coyne Schofield is a great battle game that requires a high level of compete and quick decisions in an extremely constrained space.

Set Up

  • 2 nets lined up on across from each other on the outside of a face off circle (doesn't have to be center ice)
  • 1 goalie in each net
  • 2 pucks laying in the center of the circle before the drill starts
  • 2 "X"'s and 2 "O"'s lined up on the outside of the circle


Play up to a certain number of goals, team "X" vs team "O"

  • On the whistle all 4 players enter the circle to battle for the 2 pucks
  • Players can score on either net at anytime¬†
  • As soon as a puck exits the circle that puck is dead
  • If one goal is scored, play out the other puck until a goal is scored or it exits the circle
  • As soon as the game is over, set up 2 more pucks in the middle and the next players go on the whistle
  • Keep score!

Coaching Points

  1. Puck Protection - this game is played in such a small space, puck protection and using your body to protect the puck is crucial
  2. Communication - you and your teammate need to be on the same page and communicate from the whistle until the game is over
  3. Quick touches - playing in such a confined space requires quick touches for passing and a quick release when shooting

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