Turns and Stops Station

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This hockey drill is meant as a station in a shared ice situation.  It offers two similar drills on each side of the ice, one that works on power turns, the other works on stops and starts.  Set up the coach in the high slot in the middle of the ice with the pucks.  Four cones, tires, or discs need to be set up as shown.  On one side the players make turns around the cones and on the other side the players stop at each cone.  After the player navigates the fourth cone they skate into the center of the ice and receive a pass from the coach for a shot on net.


pyedon on 8/27/2019


jbona on 12/26/2018


colin.carpenter82@gmail.com on 9/25/2018

Good Basic skills drill

melissajo2015 on 12/27/2015


Lakerssquirta on 11/24/2015

Good for early practice warm-up.

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