The Transition Wheel

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This hockey drill allows defense to work on their transition puck handling, passing, and skating skills.  It utilizes 6 players or 4 players and 2 coaches.  Two of the players are along the boards at center ice at opposite sides and one of these players will start with the puck.  In our diagram D6 is starting with the puck. The other 4 players are just inside the dots at the top and bottom of the circle.  To start, D1 and D2 will start skating backwards.  D1 will receive a pass from D6 while skating backwards.  D2 needs to skate backwards into a support position to receive a pass from D1.  After D2 receives a pass from D1 they tranistion forwards trying to stay inside the dots and make a pass to D3 along the wall.  D3 will give the puck right back to D3 as they head up ice.  D3 then receives the puck and makes a pass to D4.  At this point D1 and D2 need to transition backwards as though there is a turnover.  D1 and D2 should get their feet to the other side of the red line each time.  When D4 receives the puck they are now going backwards just as D1 did at the start.  D4 and D5 now repeat what D1 and D2 just did and the wheel continues.  Run a couple of repetitions and then rotate the players.

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