Transition, Transition, Breakout

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This drill requires defense to focus on fundamentals of skating, passing, and timing.  It is a drill that simulates a couple of situations that happen numerous times throughout a game and it is designed for more advanced players.  The first situation is the turnover and counter attack at the blue line, the second is a turnover in the neutral zone followed by a dump in and then a breakout.

D1 and D2 start just inside the blue line.  On the whistle D1 skates up around the first cone and transitions backwards.  The coach places a puck along the boards near the blue line.  D1 pivots to get the loose puck and pivots again to face up ice while maintaining control of the puck.  D2 stays in a good support position to receive a pass from D1.  D2 then transitions up ice and makes a pass back to the coach.  Both players should try and keep feet moving as much as possible.

D1 and D2 then move up ice. D1 goes around the first cone again before transitioning backwards.  The coach then dumps the puck in the corner.  D1 pivots to go retreive the puck in the corner while D2 first stays at home in front of the net before going to the corner to provide an outlet pass.  D1 carries the puck around the net and gives a pass to D2.  D1 explodes up throught the middle of the ice to receive a return pass from D2.  D1 then gives the puck back to the coach to start the drill over.  The next player in line (D3) then becomes D1 in the next repetition.

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