Transition, Protect & Shoot

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There are several key elements to this hockey drill but the primary focus is on protecting the puck while getting off a good shot on the rush.  Coaches or players can act as passive defenders as the forwards work on protecting the puck and then getting inside the dots to get a betting shooting angle.  There are two variations to this drill and each one runs out of the same set up.  The forwards will line up in a single file line in the high slot, the defense are at center ice, and the coach (with pucks) is at the top of the circle.  In both variations the coach will make the first pass after the whistle to the defense who is skating backwards.

In the first variation the defense starts out by exploding backwards on the whistle and receives a puck from the coach.  At the same time the forward sprints out of the zone and transitions back towards the zone as the defense receives the puck. The defense should focus on a quick transition and playing the puck off the wall into space for the forward.  The forward should skate into the puck with speed as they enter the zone.  The defense, after moving the puck up to the forward, skates up ice to the far post to look for the rebound.  The forward needs to work on moving their feet while protecting the puck from the coach.  Keeping their body between the coach and the puck is key.  As the forward gets around the coach have them work on getting the puck to their forehand inside the dots and shooting for the far pad to try and create a rebound for the defense who is skating to the far post.

The second variation differs slightly.  The defense will hold on to the puck slightly longer and step to the inside to create a better passing angle to the forward.  This time they will make a direct pass to the forward and then skate to the far post.  The forward will face the puck at all times by opening up,  calling for the puck, and giving the defense a good target with their stick on the ice.

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