Transition Control & Outlet Passing

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This hockey drill is a great drill that focuses on puck control and passing in the neutral zone.  It is intended for players at higher levels of hockey.  The drill requires at least three participants and only one puck.  To set up the drill place two cones about 10 feet apart in the middle of the ice at about the midpoint between the red line and blue line (see diagram).  To start, the player skates backwards from center ice in between the two cones and receives a pass from one of the players along the boards.  The player needs to receive the pass and control it while transitioning from backwards to forwards. The player needs to transition towards the opposite side from where they received the pass.  As the player transitions forwards they should handle the puck as little as possible and make a good pass to the player along the boards.  After the pass the player skates forwards up to the cones and transitions backwards between the cones and looks to receive a pass from the player they just made the pass to.  This cycle repeats for 20 - 30 seconds.

A variation can be added if you are able to use full ice. A goalie can be placed in the net at the  other end.  On the last repetition the player can make a pass to the player along the wall and receive it right back before attacking the net at the far end.


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