Tire Turns Progression Skating Station

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This station skating drill allow players to work on a progression of turns and progress at their own pace. The players can be divided up into four groups with eacch group starting at a station. Allow players to try each station with instructions from the coach and then players can go to the station appropriate for their level. Station 1 is just a basic control turn around the tire and then forward strides back to the goal line. Station 2 the players transition to backwards around the tire and skate backwards to the goal line. Station 3 is very similar to station 2, the players transition around the tire but transition back to forward shortly after they have transitioned to backwards around the tire. Station 4 includes two tight control turns in opposite directions. The players that do this station should be very good at basic control turns.


CoachBob76 on 11/3/2018

exercice 2 

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Relay races

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Skating Drill

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