Tight Transition 1 on 1

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This drill will challenge even your best defensive players. To start the drill, a defense and forward step out to the blue line. The Forward on the outside a few feet off the boards, and the defense just inside the faceoff dot.  The coach has the pucks along the boards at the red line. On the whistle, bith players skate to the red line and stop. The forward picks up the puck set out by the coach and carries it back towards the net.  The defense skates out to the red line, stops, and skates backwards in an attempt to keep F1 to the outside.  The defense has to skate backward at least to the blue line.  The defense should work on opening up and either taking forcing the Foward tot he outside. In most cases the defense will get beat and need to open up and drive to the near post to try and cut off F1's path to the net.

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