Swing Through Shooting Station

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This station can be set up in one half of the zone.  The set up is very easy using just two cones and a good number of pucks.  The focus of the station is shooting while moving lateral and incorporates a couple of single shifts before the shot.  The first player will skate between the cones, pick up a puck, and escape up the wall while controlling the puck.  At each cone have the players do a single shift away from the net.  At the second cone the shift should put the puck in shooting position.  For players that will be on their backhand you can have them work on back hand shots or open up to shoot on their forehand.


Coach John on 12/21/2015

Will probably modify to make age appropriate, ie- pass back to blue line for give and go, or a winger times an attack on net after shot for lose pucks.

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