Strip Transitions V1 & V2
Strip Transitions V1 & V2, Strip Transitions V1 & V2

Strip Transitions V1 & V 2 from NewEdge Hockey helps players practice stripping the puck, transitioning, and passing to an open teammate that times their jump to the slot.


  • Split up pucks & players into corners
  • The drill starts with Blue P1 skating up the boards with a puck.
  • Red P2 skates up the boards and strips P1 by lifting their stick, and stealing the puck. After P1 gets their puck stripped, they stay up around the point.
  • Red P2 quickly transitions, by performing a tight turn, getting their head up, and looking for their teammate, Red P3 that is streaking in from the point.
  • Red P3 gets a pass from Red P2, and takes a shot on net.
  • After the shot, Red P3 curls up the boards, and strips the puck from Red P4.
  • Red P3 passes to Blue P1 (who was at the blueline) and the drill is continuous.

Transition Options (Progression 1 & Progression 2)

  1. The first part of the progression, players practice stripping the puck by lifting the players stick, and taking the puck.
  2. In the second progression, the players practice stripping the puck by knocking the puck against the boards, and taking the puck.
  3. Make up your own variations!

Coaching Points

  • Keep stick on the ice, and angle the player along the boards. When you are ready, go stick on puck.
  • Quickly get puck, and pick head up to move the puck to your teammate.
  • Player streaking from the point looking for a pass to take a shot needs to time their jump into the zone by being aware of their teammate, while communicating verbally, and non-verbally (giving a passing target with stick on the ice).


  • Coaches can force players to pick their head up and make decisions by applying light pressure throughout the drill. This will force the player to pick their head up to decide when and where they can pass the puck. To learn more about creating decisions at practice, view here

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