Stretch Pass 3 on 0

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This drill starts with all players lined up in the corner.  Because three players at a time are involved, it may be a good idea for players to go with their linemates.  The coach or designated player is positioned just off the side of the net as shown.  To start, all three players go at the same time.  F1 skates around the cone just past center ice and skates back towards the coach to receive a long stretch pass.  F2 and F3 follow the routes marked on the diagram.  F2 and F3 need to pivot so they are always facing the coach as though they are expecting a pass. After receiving the pass, F1 has the option to dish the puck to F2 or F3 (F1 should be encouraged to make a one time pass to F2 or F3).  In the diagram, F1 dishes to F2 and F2 carries the puck into the offensive zone where they can shoot, make a pass to F3 who is driving hard to the far post, or make a drop pass to F1 who is the trailer.  

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