Stick Check Take Away Drill (Studio Rink)

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In this drill players have a chance to work on stealing the puck from behind. This diagram and animation show the drill on a studio or 3 on 3 rink, however it can be used in half ice practices as well. The objective is to teach players how to properly steal the puck from behind an opponent while keeping their stick down and using a good angle.

The coaches will actually place a puck on their stick and face up ice in a stationary position. The players will skate around the net, take a good angle from behind the coach, and use leverage from under the coach's stick to steal the puck and quickly counter attack to take a shot on net.

Coaching Points

  • use strong bottom hand when stick is under coach's stick.
  • use a quick tap from under coach's stick to take their stick off puck.
  • protect puck with body when going around tire.


Coachian on 10/9/2018

Half ice

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