Steps and Jumps Over Sticks Relay Races

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This is a relay race that has two variations using the exact same setup. The players will line up in two lines along the goal line. In front of each line you will have five sticks spaced about 5 feet apart as shown in the diagram. At the end of the sticks place a tire.

Variation #1 - Step Overs

In the first variation the players step over the sticks with one foot, land on that foot, glide to the next stick on the one foot, and then releat for each stick. At the end they do a control turn around the tire and work on forward strides back to the goal line. Once they get to the goal line the next player can go.

Variation #2 - Two Foot Jumps

The second variation has the players glide on two feet and do a two footed jump over every stick.

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