Split Passing Game

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This hockey drill is a small area game with an emphasis on passing and moving without the puck.  Defensively is works on stopping starting and active sticks.  Set up a rectangle with four cones using the face off dots in the  offensive zone and neutral zone.  Players are split up into teams of two.  In each game one team is the defenders inside the box and the other two teams are on the outside with teammates on opposite sides of the box (as shown in the diagram).  The objective is for the offensive players (blue and green) to keep the puck away from the defenders by moving the puck with as little stickhandling as possible.  Offensive teams earn points by making passes through the box to their teammate.  If the puck is intercepted the defense earns a point and the player that made the pass loses a point.


jbona on 12/26/2018


thall81267 on 10/28/2018
croland17 on 9/6/2018

Passing/Getting Open

matt.lister@pyramidcorporation.com on 6/7/2016
good puck movement and passing drill. Remember to keep your head up. Feel the puck on your stick.

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