Speed 2 on 2 Gap Up Drill

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This drill works on defensive positioning and puck movement in the neutral zone.  The forwards will work on good puck support in the neutral zone as they re-group 3 times.  F1 and F2 start along the wall, F1 will start with the puck.  D3 starts by taking three strides forwards, then tranistions backwards and recieves a pass from F1.  D3 needs to control the puck (escape move is an option) then jump up ice and make a horizontal pass to F2.  At the same time D1 & D2 skate up to the red line, tranistion backwards, and D2 will receive a pass from F2.  D2 passes to D1 and D1 then passes up the strong side wall to F1.  F2 needs to have good puck support and gets the puck from F1.  F1 will transition once more with D3 and then they attack 2 on 2 against D1 and D2.  D1 and D2 need to re-take their ice and make sure they have a good gap as F1 and F2 attack.  D1 and D2 should try to force a dump before the blue line.


kjr2006 on 2/14/2019

good drill

BantamAA on 10/6/2018

D move up

Outlaws on 10/27/2015

gap drill

Outlaws on 10/27/2015

Gap drill

gtupker on 10/20/2015

We will run this from both side to get both goalies involved.

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